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Easy steps to apply online:
1. Create your Personal Account
All users must create an account and be logged in to submit an application.
  • Login - enter your username and password in the "e-Recruitment Login" box on the right.
  • Create an account
2. Complete your Personal History Profile (PHP)
It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete the Personal History Profile. You have the option of saving an incomplete PHF and returning to it at any time. However, please note that an incomplete PHF cannot be used for applying for a position. Should you choose to copy text from a word file into the PHF, you will need to first save the word document in WordPad format. The navigation tabs located at the top of the PHF will indicate to you whether a section has been completed or not. The navigation tabs located at the top on the PHF will be highlighted in red which indicates an incomplete section.
  • You have to create your account, before creating Personal History Profile.
3. Find a vacancy announcement
A summary of the posted vacancy announcements can be found on the vacancy announcement page. From here you will have the opportunity to view a specific vacancy announcement and to print it out in either Word or Adobe Acrobat formats. Should you wish to, you can also forward a vacancy announcement to a friend or colleague.
4. Apply for a position
At the right hand side of each vacancy you will find the Apply button to commence your application.

As soon as you have clicked Submit application on the completion of your Personal History Profile, you will be asked to complete a Letter of Interest explaining your motivation for applying for the post and briefly describing your suitability in relation to the requirements of the post. For some vacancies, you will be asked to respond to a Questionnaire.
Please note: For applications to Other Opportunities this option is currently not available.

Should you experience any problems while submitting your application, please contact us as soon as possible including any error details/screenshots available to you.